Ushering Department

usher2The ushering department is much more than just greeting and seating the people of God it is a ministry of helps.  It is known that people come to the House of God with various needs.  As an usher we strive to meet and minister to both the spiritual and physical needs of the body of Christ.    Our core principles at KT are to serve with excellence; teach the truth and pray with power as God leads   In tandem with these core principles, the KT Ushering ministry believes you must have a spirit of servitude, humility, compassion and submission.  An usher must also have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, usher1Maintain Professional attire, be capable of fasting and prayer in order to handle spiritual and physical frontline responsibilities and be a team player.  As ushers, we endeavor to embody the core principles by serving with excellence, in the following roles:

  • Greeting and Seating
  • Welcoming and following up with New Comers
  • Enforcing Grounds Safety and Security Protocols
  • Pastoral assistance
  • Fellowship
  • Monetary Collections
  • Maintaining Orderliness during services
  • Evangelism
  • Discipleship
  • Ambassador
  • Oversee protocols during special programs

At KT we are constantly laboring to make the church spiritually and physically conducive to members and nonmembers alike in order to foster fellowship among saints.

We must remember to carry these roles and responsibilities beyond the church premises and into the world to be a witness unto Christ Jesus in order to empower people and bring the Kingdom to the Nations.

Please prayerfully consider becoming a part of the KT Ushering Department, “Just as the Son of Man did not come to be served but to serve…” Mat 20:28