themelogonewsmagThe Church News Network is not just an online Christian publication but a family of God that is committed to connecting believers to their church, community, and one another.

We believe that the church serves more than just the spiritual side of its community; but provides pragmatic support: such as progressive social services that support peoples physical and psychological needs.  We are not tribalistic neither are we out to cater for only believers, but also unbelievers whom we see as potential believers. In a nutshell we a CHURCH WITHOUT WALLS. TCNN spotlights at News and Events, Health and Lifestyle, Education, Entrepreneurship and Infotainment weekly.

We realized that churches have major roles to play in human endeavors and are the sole center of concentration for mostly believers and non-believers in the African community, and the services they offered have been streamlined into one and thus making churches unknown to the mass public. We observed that churches hide from, shy away from, or avoid in depth teachings of certain areas of life that in which their community revolves around. Areas like sex education, entrepreneurship, health and lifestyle, entertainment, Food and nutrition, marriage and relationships, and so on. This is why we offer our services to ministries as a way to acknowledge their contributions to the Kingdom of God while on earth before the final call to heaven.