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Children of the King – Children’s Ministry


King’s Tabernacle

From the inception of King’s Tabernacle in 2004, Children’s Ministry has been an integral part in the ministries of King’s Tabernacle.  We believe what God’s Word says about children and we strive to raise them up in the way of the Lord.  As stewards of our children, our goals are to educate, enrich and empower them with the Word of God to bring the Kingdom to the Nations.  Children of the King meet twice a week during our weekly Services: Sunday Service and Wednesday Bible Studies.   Our children range in age from birth to adolescence.   Our curriculum is strongly influenced by the Kids Sunday School Place Resources website.  The curriculum allows for age appropriate learning that is fun, active and most importantly, biblically based.  In addition to our learning curriculum, Children of the King have yearly programs that showcase what they have been imparted with.  These programs include Children’s Day, Resurrection Sunday and the Annual end of the year Christmas Celebration, just to name a few.  Children of the King also have yearly outings / field trips (staff permitting).

Our growing Children’s Ministry is staffed by three Godly saints.  It takes a special person to heed God’s calling to educate, enrich and empower children with the Word of God.  Children are a Heritage of the Lord and are like arrows in the hands of a mighty man.  God admonishes us to suffer not or hinder children to go to Him because Heaven belongs such as these.  If you have received the call to this ministry, please heed that call.  Children are our future “that the generation to come might know, even the children yet to be born, that they may arise and tell them to their children that they should put their confidence in God and forget not the works of God but keep His commandments…” Ps 78:6-7